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WikiFree is a free, ad-free wiki hosting service that offers hosting support to individuals, companies, schools, universities, as well as a diverse range of communities.

WikiFree's staff are experienced wiki editors and our technical staff have a lot of experience with Unix-based operating systems and MediaWiki software. You can read more about our staff on the WikiFree staff page. To contact an individual staff member, use Special:EmailUser.



Mike signed up for AlterVista in July 5, 2015[1]. Then, on the Anti-Wikia Alliance posted on Talk:Main Page about this farm.[2] Ciencia Al Poder replied, saying "[i]t doesn't look very professional...".[3]


Luis saw its potential of being a successful farm, so he signed up on 15:11, August 25, 2015 (PST).[4] Unexpectedly, Luis received an e-mail by Mike on August 26, 2015, 6:32 AM[5] containing the username and the then-current password of WikiFree. He used it and it worked. He first helped by installing more extensions. Even though he knew nothing about installing MediaWiki extensions (other than requesting wiki staff to do it), the user-friendly documentation and installation guides at helped him.


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