Comparison of wiki farms

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The latest MediaWiki version is 1.26.2 as of January 31, 2015.
This table is mostly based on this outdated table.
Name URL Advertisements MediaWiki version Price Social features Target Personalized support Custom extensions Skins
WikiFree None 1.26.2 (Stable) Free Yes Users Yes Yes 16 (see here) None 1.15.1 Free No  ? No No 8 (see here)
Referata No[citation needed] 1.23.1 (LTS) Free & paid Yes  ? Yes Yes  ?
ShoutWiki Some 1.25.3 (Stable) Free & paid Some Users Yes Some 8 (see here)
Wiki-Site Text-only 1.11 Free & paid No  ? No No 9 (see here)
Wikia Heavy 1.23.11 (LTS) Free Yes Profit No Some 1 (Oasis)

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